Bicycle Sport Shop

In early February 2011, I took the opportunity to photograph a series of architectural interiors and lifestyle images for The Bicycle Sport Shop. We took very wide images of the interior and a few of certain areas. In addition, we photographed two sessions with models. One of the sessions was meant to show off the “fit” process. This is where a rider is measured and analyzed for the best fit on their bike. It was a interesting process: I had no idea so much went into it. We also photographed an Austin commuter scene on the Pfluger Bridge. The other session was to show a couple on “townie” bikes enjoying the Austin lifestyle. Since the Bicycle Sport Shop started up in the building that is now Flipnotics, we chose to shoot it in front of its original location along Barton Springs Road. The idea behind all the images was to look natural. I believe we hit the mark. Thanks to BSS for a great time.

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