DKR Memorial Stadium Interiors

Heery International has given me some really unique and exciting projects to work on, but this one takes the cake. I did not go to the University of Texas as a student and I am not really a college sports fan, but I do know the importance of UT athletics here in Austin. It was a pleasure to see how Heery International improved the interiors of the stadium; multiple departments and offices, the football team locker room, the hall of honor, and much more.

IMG_1515honorhall_lc3 IMG_1328_nonames2 atheletics_reception3 IMG_1156_2 IMG_1212_lockeroom IMG_1309_2 IMG_1350_1 IMG_1546 IMG_1582_person IMG_1693 IMG_1726 IMG_1738_pc IMG_1826_2 marketing3 swimming_hall2

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