Fire Station #37 in Houston Texas

Recently I photographed a series of Fire Stations for Natex Architects in Houston, TX. Fire Station #37 was the priority and the first of the series I have worked on. I spent all day at Fire Station #37, from sunrise until after sunset. It was a pleasure. The Firefighters were a very friendly and hospitable bunch. My challenge was the lack of light for an evening shot required by the architects. They wanted to emulate a architectural rendering done of the building. I had the angle right, but there was a severe lack of light outside and I needed to expose it just right at the right time to get the dramatic sky. There was also glass art in the entrance way that needed to be lit. I positioned lights behind the entrance way to bounce off the wall and make the art glass more pronounced. I used a reflector, three other light units to light the outside and combined some exposures for the outside shots. Here are a few images from this photo shoot.

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  1. I work at good old 37s for about 28 years and some, Your photos are GREAT this is the show case of all stations . Please gets some copies to put on our walls inside. thanks Marshall Hefley 37 B shift

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