Savvy Vodka Bottle and Drink Recipe Photos

Sundry Studio designed and produced the web site for Savvy Vodka. The image of this type of product must be established as exciting and hip. To help create that brand image for Savvy Vodka, we decided to focus the photographic efforts on in-studio product photos of drink recipes specific to Savvy Vodka.

The graphic concept of fast moving lights and theme of “Austin nightlife” that was a keystone part of the web site, was also the central theme of the photographs.

There was no stylist in the studio this time. All ingredients had to be accounted for and fancy drink glasses for every shot. The colors we’re chosen to complement the web site’s design and graphics.

With some drink recipes there was an extra challenge to bring out a visually exciting image.

I really enjoyed working on these images. They represent a challenge that was successfully overcome and a end product that worked well as it’s purpose.

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