Back to the Salt Lick for shots of their Pit


I recently had the pleasure of returning to the Salt Lick for some additional photographs of the pit. This place is so amazing. I almost just reached out and grabbed a rack of ribs right off the grill. I restrained myself and settled for a three meat plate after the shoot. Here are a few favorites.

Buffalo Technology TeraStation III Network Attached Storage

Product Photography of Buffalo Technology TeraStation III Network Attached Storage

The folks at Corder Marketing needed a concept to deliver the message of Buffalo Technology’s Teratation III Network Attached Storage device as the next step solution for your backup and file storage needs. While they already had me scheduled for the shoot they also needed some input to help them target their audience, so they called me up a few days before the shot to discuss. They previously identified the …continue…

Savvy Vodka Bottle and Drink Recipe Photos


Sundry Studio designed and produced the web site for Savvy Vodka. The image of this type of product must be established as exciting and hip. To help create that brand image for Savvy Vodka, we decided to focus the photographic efforts on in-studio product photos of drink recipes specific to Savvy Vodka. The graphic concept of fast moving lights and theme of “Austin nightlife” that was a keystone part of …continue…