Austonian Art Catalog

In 2011 the Austonian building published a catalog of their enormous art collection. I had the pleasure of photographing 90 pieces of fine art installed throughout the building. You can find out more about the art at the Austonian and download the entire catalog here. Below are a few sample pages from the catalog:

The best of the Austonian ads running in Texas Monthly

Austonian ad in July issue of Texas Monthly

The July issue of Texas Monthly has a beautiful ad running for the new Austonian building in downtown Austin. This is my favorite from the past four months of advertising featuring my photographs. If you get your hands on this month’s issue of Texas Monthly, check it out. I think this ad certainly does the trick. The ad is very eye catching, and I believe the layout complements the image …continue…

Austonian Images in June Texas Monthly, Three Times

Austonian ad in Texas Monthly

I know, I keep posting about my exterior photographs of the Austonian building. I don’t mean to be repetitive, but when I see the images so well used in ads running in Texas Monthly, I can’t help it. If you happen to pick up the June issue of Texas Monthly, look for the ad and also the other two appearances.

Austonian Advertisement in Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly advertisement for the Austonian building

It’s always a treat to see my photography in print. Even more so when it is in Texas Monthly. Levenson & Hill put together this great looking spread that is in the April edition of Texas Monthly. Keep and eye out for upcoming advertisements in Texas Monthly. I have provided them with many more images, and I imagine they will make great ads.

More Photography for the Austonian Building, including Austin Skyline

The Austonian at sunset

Here is another round of skyline and building overview photographs for the newly completed Austonian building in downtown Austin. This building is gorgeous and I tried my best to do it justice with these photographs. I would like to thank the nice folks at Hines Properties for allowing me access to get such a great viewpoint. Thank you to Moreland Peoperties and Giant Media for this exciting opportunity to photograph …continue…

Austin Skyline Images for the Austonian Building

I recently had the opportunity to create images of the Austin skyline featuring the newly completed Austonian building. This is an exciting project for me because I really enjoy photographing the skyline. The Austonian is a beautiful building and as the tallest building in Austin, it certainly stands out. The wind and cold were very distracting, but I think I got a shot or two the Austonian can use.¬†Due to …continue…